Responsible Hospitality

Creating a positive impact through our brands. Nurturing commitment to our people, planet and place.


At Twinpalms, we are deeply committed to the continuous development of our team members. We believe in inspiring excellence and providing unique opportunities for growth and progression.

We organise immersive learning experiences, sending teams to places such as Bali, Ibiza and the South of France. These journeys allow them to explore different beach clubs, discover new music genres, indulge in diverse culinary presentations and embrace other cultures. By bringing these invaluable experiences back home, we foster a strong team spirit characterised by being “In Tune, In Touch and Inspired.”

We want every team member to feel connected, motivated and encouraged to exceed expectations; elevating the entire Twinpalms’ experience.


We embrace sustainable practices by reducing plastic waste and conserving energy. This comprehensive policy is aimed at minimising single-use plastic consumption across all of our brands.

As part of our dedication to combatting ocean pollution and protecting our environment, we aim to provide eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws, packaging for bathroom amenities, water bottles and other items that contribute to plastic waste. Refillable glass water bottles are in place and our locally sourced bath products are presented in ceramic containers, ensuring a luxurious and environmentally conscious experience.

In our pursuit of energy conservation, we will incorporate energy-saving LED lights throughout the hotel and employ auto air conditioning mechanisms to optimize energy efficiency and minimize waste. Together, we can make a significant difference in shaping an eco-friendlier future.


We incorporate sustainable practices for helping to preserve our pristine Phuket seas, taking pride in our exceptional locations, we consider it our duty to ensure the cleanliness and well-being of our beaches and ocean.

We diligently clean our beach every day, but we also encourage our guests to join us in respecting and protecting our precious marine environment. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we prioritise sourcing local seafood and vegetables, therefore reducing the importation of perishable goods and significantly minimizing carbon emissions.

Respecting the diverse wildlife of our region, we have established an “Anti-Animal Exploitation Policy.” We promote ethical animal tourism and cultural experiences available across Phuket and actively discourage our guests from engaging in activities that exploit animals for entertainment.










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